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What is the Studio City Neighborhood Council?

The 15 member Studio City Neighborhood Council is one of 99 Neighborhood Councils that form the grassroots level of the Los Angeles city government. The system was established in 1999 to connect communities to City Hall. Neighborhood Councils advocate on behalf of the stakeholders and provide a local voice on city services to the community.

What do the Council’s Board Members Do?

Board members are elected to represent the neighborhood’s stakeholders in various forums. SCNC Board members meet in public forum monthly. Board members are also expected to participate in committees of the Neighborhood Council.

Click here for a listing of the Studio City Neighborhood Council committees.

Am I Eligible to Vote for Board Members?

If you live, work, or own real property within the boundaries of the Studio City Neighborhood Council, or if you are a member of or participate in a Community Organization within its boundaries, you are eligible to vote in this election as long as you are at least sixteen (16) years of age as of the date of the election.

Why Should I Vote in this Election?


City politics start at your local neighborhood council—your voice to the city.  Get to know the candidates and vote for those who you feel will best represent YOU to the CITY.

Voting this year in the Studio City Neighborhood Council Board election will be held BY MAIL ONLY!

To vote in this election you must apply for a ballot between March 12 and May 4, 2021. Click HERE to apply online.

** Even of you are registered to vote in L.A. County or California State elections – you MUST apply for a ballot. **

The City will begin mailing ballots on April 12, 2021. You can mail in your vote as soon as you receive your ballot. It must be received by the City by May 21, 2021 and must be postmarked no later than May 11, 2021.

Preliminary results will be announced on May 18, 2021 and official results will be announced on May 26, 2021.

You Are Eligible to Vote in the Studio City Neighborhood Council Board Election If You Live, Rent or Own Property, Work, Attend School, Worship, Volunteer, or Participate in a Non-Profit Organization Within This Area:

Key Dates for the 2021 SCNC Board Election

  • Stakeholders Sign Up to Vote by Mail: March 12, 2021 – May 4, 2021

  • Voting by Mail: April 12, 2021 – May 11, 2021 (all ballots must be postmarked by May 11, 2021 and received by May 21, 2021)

  • Final Election Results Announced: May 26, 2021

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